majicDave Overly ambitious projects I made a few games: The Blockheads, Chopper & Chopper 2. Currently working on a large new game for PC named Sapiens.


It has been a long long time since I updated this site, and I was thinking about posting about some 3D printing I've been doing (more on that in a future post maybe). But then I realized I hadn't even mentioned what became of Ambience! (Read More...)

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The little guys

It's June, 2008. The brand new App Store is due to open its doors in one month. Arnold Kim posts a footer on an article on 'If you are a developer and would like news coverage of your iPhone Game or Application, please cont... (Read More...)

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New Ambience Website

Development on Ambience is now progressing quite nicely, and it will be my main focus for 2018. I thought it was time to create a proper home for the game, so I now have a new website and forums (Read More...)

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Baking Bread Part 1: Creating a Sourdough Starter

I’ve been baking bread on and off for a few years now. It’s a satisfying and rewarding thing, and doesn’t need to take very much time out of your life (Read More...)

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Building an All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Evolve wouldn’t ship me an electric skateboard from Australia to New Zealand. So screw em, I’ll build it myself! (Read More...)

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Chopper and Chopper 2 End of Life

Today I finally made the difficult decision to remove Chopper and Chopper 2, and all of my other old apps from the iOS and Mac App Stores. The only game I’ll be supporting and keeping available is The Blockheads, which won’t be going awa... (Read More...)

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Ambience Video Devblog #11 - Climate

In this video I show how I'm modeling the climate of the planet to create a credible distribution of rainfall. (Read More...)

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Ambience (World Project) Video Devblog #10 - We have a name!

In this video I talk a bit about terrain generation, hot-loading of shaders/scripts, and future plans. (Read More...)

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Raspberry Pi Notice Board

A few years ago I had an idea for a desktop app. The idea was that I'd create a simple web browser with UI similar to the 'Inspect Element' functionality in Safari, and allow you to select specific regions (divs) within web pages that yo... (Read More...)

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130mm FPV Sandwich Build Log

This latest build is the evolution of my previous little 125mm quad. Carbon fiber tubes turned out not to be the best for small quads, and I crashed and wrote off that frame within a few flights (Read More...)

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125mm Square Carbon Fiber Tube FPV

I just finished my smallest build yet, a custom square carbon fiber tube based quad to fit 3 inch props, coming in at 125mm from motor to motor diagonally. (Read More...)

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World Project Devblog #9 - Water shaders & Lua scripting

In this video I show the new water shaders, and talk a bit about embedding the Lua scripting language and a bit of a shift in priorities for future development. (Read More...)

180mm Miniquad

One thing I've found when flying the 250 miniquad is that I'm very cautious while flying. The 250 is heavy enough that in a crash it can cause a fair bit of damage both to itself and to anything it hits. This cautiousness is holding me b... (Read More...)

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Miniquad Gimbal Mod

My first attempts at capturing video from my miniquad were pretty terrible, so I've been trying to get better results. It became clear pretty quickly that software stabilization isn't able to cope with the really shaky footage you get fr... (Read More...)

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World Project Intro

Yesterday I finally got a chance to work on World Project again. If you haven't heard of it, it's a game I'm working on for Mac/PC aimed towards VR. It's set in a procedurally generated world physically larger than planet Earth. What you... (Read More...)

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My First Quadcopter

Recently I picked up a new hobby: building and flying quadcopters. It's a lot of fun, and part of the reason I started this blog is to write about them. (Read More...)

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A Fresh Start

I thought it was time for a new blog, so here it is! (Read More...)